NEPM – May 4 and 5 – Greenfield on the picketlines

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“At Sword’s Point” will be broadcast on 88.5 NEPM on Saturday, May 4 at noon and Sunday, May 5 at 3 p.m.


This hour-long radio documentary, hosted by public historian Tom Goldscheider, recounts these dramatic events of the early 1950s, while also providing important context on the machine tool industry of Greenfield, Massachusetts — once a center of global innovation — as well as the origins of the United Electrical Workers Union, or UE.

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Talk March 13 (GF Library) Did Grandma have a filling station ?

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If you missed the initial presentation you have a chance again this coming week, March 13 at the Greenfield Library.
Local authors Sara Campbell and Shari Strahan will talk about their book and research.

In exploring the town files, they found documentation addressing the special handling of women owning businesses, and the Married Woman’s Property Act of 1855, leading to many interesting stories.  A number of these are documented in their new book.

Greenfield records of women owned businesses registered under the Married Woman’s Property Act.

You can get the book at the talk, signed of course, or at Lulu (appropriately enough)

Scroll down and see a chapter.


More articles about their talks at:


And here is a chapter to seed your interest:

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Spring Terrace Lecture on Video

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If you missed the Spring Terrace Lecture or even want to revisit it,
you now can, thanks to GCTV:

Earlier posts at: About Spring Terrace

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Spring Terrace Lecture

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This is a follow on to post A whole story about Spring Terrace

Travis Drury gave a detailed talk about his personal local history project about the development of Spring Terrace – a small street on the far east side Greenfield, MA – just between Crescent and High St – directly of Orchard and around from George.

He has published a book available here and, for the talk created a summary and a detailed research guides for how he found so much information.   Also available are over 500 newspaper articles and map we will be making available.

The guide and summary can be found here: /about-spring-terrace

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Painting a Legacy: now online

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Christine Pifer-Foote from the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, who spoke on June 15th about “Painting a Legacy: the Search for Anna Judah”, has am online presentation at the Railroad Museum web site: as an Abode presentation.
It includes many details about Anna Pierce Judah as well as many related photos of Greenfield.
The full video will be available as soon as it is processed and posted.

More about the project at: California Railroad Museum

The Greenfield Recorder has written about the talk in the issue of Aug 12, 2023 on page C1

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Crazy Judah on TV

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The Historical Society of Greenfield and Greenfield Community Television teamed up to produce a radio play from the 1950’s about an important historical figures that just so happens to have ties to Greenfield, MA!

Theodore and Anna Judah were key figures in finding funding and, more importantly, surveying the route for the Transcontinental Railroad across America and through the Rocky Mountains.

Originally produced by Dupont’s Cavalcade of America and written by Arthur Arent, Crazy Judah premiered in 1950. The Historical Society took the original script and decided to turn it into a teleplay. To learn more about the actual histories of the Judah’s, visit the Historical Society of Greenfield at 43 Church St, Greenfield, MA 01376.

On Youtube

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