A whole story about Spring Terrace

Posted on Aug 8, 2022 in Local history

Travis Drury, A local author, has decided to use the pandemic to write a detailed history of his street — a small intentional community in the shadow of Poet’s Seat. Created in 1895 off the Orchard of George Grinnell, sold by his son James S. Grinnell to 3 men, who eventually sold all to John F. Spring. In minute detail, displaying reports from the Gazette and Courier and with a mix of maps from various sources; Travis, details from 1895 to 2013, it’s history, for each of the 22 houses, on Spring Terrance itself and on the corners of adjoining Orchard St.

You can find the full book at The book about Spring Terrace
Or you can ask for printed copies from the Historical Society of Greenfield.

There are also some 500 images of maps, directory pages and census records. These are available to those with interest – use the contact form to request more information. These are all on the web site, only there is so much, that it can not be presented in a meaningful fashion at this time.

Please let us (and Travis) what you think.

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