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New Discoveries about Old Tavern Farm – May 22 2024

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The Historical Society of Greenfield will host Gary Sanderson for a program titled “New Discoveries about Old Tavern Farm and its Greenfield Meadows Neighborhood” on Wednesday, May 22, at 6 p.m. in the Whiteman Room at the Episcopal Church of Saints James and Andrew, 8 Church St.

Sanderson will share new information he has unearthed since submitting this property to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. Old Tavern Farm is located at 817 Colrain Road and dates back to 1740. It’s a farm complex begun during the Colonial period and continuing into the 19th century. The farmstead itself is Federal-style architecture, with a center chimney.

Parking is free in the church lot or on the street. Guests are advised to use the entrance on the east side of the building.

Map to the Farm

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Remembering Greenfield’s shoestores

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By ROBERT BITZER For the Recorder (2/13/2021)

This is a topic I don’t think I have ever written about — shoestores from the past — and I have written extensively about stores and businesses that were part of Greenfield years ago.

One of the nicest shoe stores in town, Flemmings, was located on lower Federal Street. Elsewhere, on the north side of Main Street, there was Endicott- Johnson.

Another retailer, Rosen’s, might have sold shoes although I am not positive about that.

Of course, the former Wilson’s Department Store always had a shoe department and almost next door there was Hamilton’s, a family owned shop. Goodnow’s Department Store may have sold shoes as well. Further down the street, there was Tom McCann’s, a chain. Later on, one called Kinney ’s opened nearby.

J.C. Penny, Montgomery Ward and Sears sold shoes as well. Rooney’s, on the south side of Main Street in the former Aliber’s building, also had a shoe department. The Outlet Store on Chapman Street continues to sell boots of all kinds.

Bootleggers near the Big Y on the Mohawk Trail is one of the more recent stores to offer shoes and slippers to its customers.

I might now add another one that I remember: Flurry’s Shoe Store, which was on Main Street.

Robert Bitzer, of Erving is a lifelong resident of Franklin County who is in his 90s, having been born in Greenfield. His columns are inspired by his own memories of the county.

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A whole story about Spring Terrace

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Travis Drury, A local author, has decided to use the pandemic to write a detailed history of his street — a small intentional community in the shadow of Poet’s Seat. Created in 1895 off the Orchard of George Grinnell, sold by his son James S. Grinnell to 3 men, who eventually sold all to John F. Spring. In minute detail, displaying reports from the Gazette and Courier and with a mix of maps from various sources; Travis, details from 1895 to 2013, it’s history, for each of the 22 houses, on Spring Terrance itself and on the corners of adjoining Orchard St.

You can find the full book at The book about Spring Terrace
Or you can ask for printed copies from the Historical Society of Greenfield.

There are also some 500 images of maps, directory pages and census records. These are available to those with interest – use the contact form to request more information. These are all on the web site, only there is so much, that it can not be presented in a meaningful fashion at this time.

Please let us (and Travis) what you think.

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